Cassey Ho Talks Living A Healthier Lifestyle & How To Get Motivated



Cassey Ho has made herself into an empire. Getting her start as a healthy college student with an enthusiasm for Pilates, Ho quickly transformed her passion into a career when she started Blogilates, a YouTube channel dedicated to fast and easy workouts guaranteed to transform your body. From there, things took off.

Now she is the leader of her own fitness revolution and millions of health enthusiasts are following her lead, including Taylor Swift. But she’s no run-of-the-mill trainer looking to make a quick buck on your body insecurities. The 28-year-old has made a name for herself encouraging women to reach their goals while spreading a body-positive message, a hard feat to conquer considering the unrealistic expectations we’re are forced to stomach every day. So how the hell did she do it?

Below, the Blogilates creator spills her secrets about living a healthier lifestyle, how to get the motivation to workout and the food she just can’t resist.

How did you first get into the fitness world? 
I actually started doing Pilates when I was 16 to prepare for a pageant. I loved it and it toned up my body like crazy! So when I got to college, I was a Pilates enthusiast. I even encouraged my friends to do small sessions with me in the dorm lounge. Pilates is what de-stressed me from school. Soon, I got a job at a local gym teaching Pilates. This is when I truly realized that I loved teaching. I would walk in exhausted from school but leave feeling energized and happy.

What initial challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
At the time, my dad wasn’t happy that I was teaching Pilates during college. He wanted me to focus on studying. He said it wouldn’t help me in life, but I rebelled and started teaching more.

And clearly you made the right choice! Let’s talk about oGorgeous and Blogilates. What was your inspiration?
Blogilates began when I created a farewell workout video for my students. I uploaded it to YouTube not really expecting anything to happen. Soon, views and comments flooded in and I was inspired to continue to make workout videos for people all over the world! That is how the Blogilates YouTube channel became the #1 most subscribed female fitness channel now with over three million subscribers.

Since I was a little girl I loved fashion design. I had a natural talent for sketching fashion figures and clothing. One day I got a text from my sister that one of my yoga bags was featured in Shape magazine! That’s when it all started. I quit my corporate job to pursue my love for fashion design.

What goes on at Blogilates HQ when I'm gone… #mannequinchallenge

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Amazing! How did POPFLEX develop from there?
After my first line, BODYPOP, I took a break to really think about what I wanted to design to suit the needs of my POPsters (Blogilates fans). I took into consideration all of the feedback from my first clothing line to create high-quality activewear that is affordable, comfortable, stylish and sustainable. My POPsters truly inspired POPFLEX and they still do to this day! My goal is for you to feel unstoppable, confident and beautiful in my designs.

How would you describe your personal workout style?
Short, intense, but effective! Between running my business, traveling and all other parts of life, it’s not always easy to find time to workout. But I make it a priority and I workout efficiently. I usually do my PIIT28 workouts because they are only 28 minutes but they burn fat and build muscle like crazy. My body has transformed from doing PIIT28.

What’s your favorite workout move?
Classic Pilates moves like the double leg lift and roll-up are my favorites because they are simple but effective!

What’s the most valuable health tip you’ve ever received?
If health and fitness doesn’t make you happy, then you’re doing something wrong. Living a healthy lifestyle should ENHANCE your life. It should make you more motivated in all aspects of life, not just workouts. When you start to hate your workouts and the food you’re eating, then you need to make a change. There are many healthy ways to live, you just need to find the one that works for you.

I know you guys have been asking me where my new sneakers are from and they are @reebok! I'm actually giving away my entire outfit (new set obvi) on Good luck! Now let's talk splits. I've been working on my flexibility everyday. Right leg split is getting lower and lower but my left hamstring is still injured. It's frustrating because I've been slowly and carefully stretching it for over a year now, but it STILL feels super tight. Pushing harder will not be the solution here. Taking it slow and knowing my limits is the key. But it's ok. We're not all symmetrical and we're not all perfect. All we can do is keep trying. #BeMoreHuman #PerfectNever Thanks @Reebokwomen for my outfit. #reeboksponsored

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What health tips do you have for the “lazy girl”? How do you get the initial motivation to workout/start a healthier lifestyle?
Make fitness a priority. Mark it in your schedule. Think of it like a very important meeting you have with yourself. And know that you don’t have to workout for hours and hours a day. Even a 30-minute workout will make you healthier and happier!

When it comes to workouts, what are some simple moves you can do wherever, whenever?
POP Pilates! POP moves can be done anywhere because you don’t need any equipment (just a mat!). You don’t even need shoes! Same with PIIT28, the workout program I created that combines POP Pilates with high-intensity interval training. You do need shoes for this, but you can do it in the comfort of your own home or dorm room!

When it comes to diet, what’s your guilty pleasure?
Matcha (green tea) milkshakes!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to college students looking to up their fitness routine and transition into a healthier lifestyle?
Have fun with it! Health and fitness doesn’t have to be boring. Find workouts you love and you’ll always look forward to them. And don’t be afraid to try new things. Pilates, cardio, weight lifting, dance – there are so many ways to stay motivated and stay in shape.

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