Kitty Pryde Teaches Dudes a Lesson on Snapchat, Threatens to Post Unsolicited D-Pics Online

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.21.13 PM


In the land of unsolicited d*ck pics, Snapchat is a haven. Those suckers disappear within 24 hours and your phone number isn’t attached. Sounds like an easy win, right? If the receiver is into them, an impromptu hookup could ensue (or a friendly response back — insert wink emoji here), and if they’re not, they disappear! Who cares if it’s legally classified as sexual harassment, right?! I mean, no one will know it’s you, right?! RIGHT?!

Kitty Pryde, an aspiring singer, just rid the world of one less d-pic sender after humiliating him on social media. She was recently the victim of an iCloud hack and several revealing photos of her were posted online. Some creepy guy named Geoffrey saw them and snapped her a few below-the-waist photos in response, because hey, she was asking for it. Why would you take sexy photos of yourself if your phone has the potential to be hacked? Like, if you bought that new iPhone with a camera and have a body you selfied at least one time, you totally deserve that breach of privacy.

But Kitty is a badass and put this dude in his place almost instantly. Here’s how it went down:

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Kitty Pryde FTW.

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